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Adult education is a wide ranging and diverse sector that has expanded most rapidly in recent years. It includes all types and stages of formal education . This study aimed (1) to develop a conceptual scheme for viewing adult education in a developing country; (2) to employ the scheme in analyzing the county council-sponsored adult education program in 34 rural communities in Eastern Nigeria; and (3) to make suggestions and recommendations for expanding and strengthening the programs. Using the areas of social, .

Running Head: ANALYSIS OF WAYS OF KNOWING IN ADULT EDUCATION Topic: Analysis of Ways of Knowing In Adult Education Date: For almost the entire 20th Century, adult learning was believed to be a cognitive process, whereby the mind absorbed information and facts and then converted them into knowledge, which could thereafter been observed in the ensuing . Education is life! Education is not just a preparation for life, but it is life. That is what Eduard Lindeman wrote in his book The Meaning of Adult Education * in Eighty-five years later, I would have to agree with him. Education and learning is a lifelong journey. If you are going to do something for life, shouldn't it be more fun/5(3).

Qualitative content analysis was used to analyze articles in four major adult education journals. Five dominant perspectives were identified, along with a sixth potentially emergent perspective. Strengthsandlimitationsofeachperspectivearediscussedinrelationship to key themes in feminist scholarship. Agin, A. & Prather, J. (). comprises vocational training for adults (54%), general adult education (52%), adult basic education (39%), vocational education for young people (34%), and training within industry (31%); 43% are involved in education in general. Respondents' involvement in Scotland and England/Wales is.

An analysis of the nearly 24 million low-skilled employed adults in the U.S., based on data from the PIAAC National Supplement, was produced for the Upskill America one-year anniversary, April 25, The National Reporting System (NRS) for Adult Education and Literacy is a performance and financial reporting system designed to collect aggregate statewide data from formula grantees on an annual basis. It reflects the requirements of the Adult Education . Analysis of the Budget Bill: Education Adult Education. The budget proposes $ million for the adult education program in ‑ This is $89 million, or percent, below the estimated “workload budget” for the program ($ million).