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adult pirate theme activities - Hotties Charley and Allison fuck on a 1970s themed set

Incorporate some of these pirate-themed food items into your party menu: Pirate Grog: replace the labels on bottles of water, soft drinks or juice boxes with a skull and crossbones label. Pirate Fruit Ship: a watermelon boat filled with fruit (add pirate flags with toothpicks to turn the boat into a pirate . Funny Party Hats Pirate Costume Set (Set of 5)- Adult Pirate Hat- Pirate Costume Accessories by Funny Party Hats. $ $ 99 FREE Shipping Get free shipping Free day shipping within the U.S. when you order $ of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon.

Jul 14,  · Adult parties can include costume contests, speciality beverages spiked with rum and other activities designed for more mature audiences. Beyond the themed decorations, food and costumes, engage your guests in some games that touch on some of the favourite pastimes of the pirates of yore: searching for treasure, drinking and gambling. Pirate Short Stories. Ask clients if they have a pirate/sailor story to share and find out what they know about pirates and piracy. You may have an ex-sailor among your clients that could contribute with a few stories. Here is a pirate story to start with.

Crafts & Activities. These crafts be the perfect thing for yer little pirates! Sea-view Telescope- If you ever need a quick beach escape, you can always borrow this spyglass from your little one! Go to One Time Through for instructions on how to make this sea-view telescope. If all of your guests are adults, make sure there is plenty of rum to imbibe while guests parley in their best pirate-talk, just be sure each pirate has a safe ride home! Have a mixed crowd? Pirate parties can be fun for all ages. Have guests dress in pirate costumes and challenge each other to sword fights or balancing acts as you walk the plank.

Pirate Games and Activities. Pirate’s Cove Section off an area with a black curtain that is ripped into strips for kids to go through. Inside the cove. have a search for buried treasure: Get a trunk if possible, or use a box painted with skull and crossbones. Add in a lot of play sand, and “bury” little dime-store treasures for kids to find. May 14,  · Preschool Pirate Theme Lesson Plans Save time and get right to the pirate-y fun with done-for-you lesson plans from Preschool Teacher The preschool pirate-themed lesson plans have printable lesson plans for a week, as well as explanations for the activities (for whole group, small group, and center time), book suggestions, and related.