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Motivating students is one of the major challenges teachers face on a daily basis. Conceptualized as students’ energy and drive to engage, learn, work effectively, and achieve their potential at school, motivation and engagement play a large role in students’ interest and enjoyment of school (Martin, ). May 03,  · Part of the COVID motivational dilemma is the perceived effectiveness of online learning, which is clearly ambiguous. Some teachers and many students think online learning is a waste of time.

Mar 20,  · Adult learners tend to be busier and more harried than traditional students. An effective eLearning program demonstrates value to adult students from the beginning and helps convince them that their employer values their time. Sep 25,  · Student Mindsets. Evidence is mounting that academic mindsets are extremely important to student success. Students’ sense of belonging in their learning environment, their perceptions of how or whether “kids like them” succeed academically, and the extent to which they believe that hard work and persistence pay off—all of these have a powerful effect on student motivation.

Abstract Motivating Adult Students taking a Basic Algebra Course in a University Setting Carol Beddard Understanding the motivation of students learning mathematics and using this understanding to strengthen motivation can improve mathematics instruction for students, especially students who may dislike math. Motivation is modeled as arising from an Cited by: 1. Dec 18,  · For educators looking to improve student motivation, evaluating whether these elements are present in learning is a good place to start. From there, small steps can be taken to apply each element with the help of both tech-based and traditional tools, which can make a notable difference in motivating students and improve outcomes.

Some of the best success I’ve had motivating students as a teacher is by abandoning the typical lesson format and gearing the lesson completely towards their wants. A lesson spent reading comic books will seem like a dream come true to many students, and yet they’re reading more English than they ever would have done in a normal lesson. Miner () found that adult students in Pennsylvania, seeking the nursing diploma, who had a higher level of intrinsic motivation were more successful in their studies. Bruinsma () also revealed that students with higher intrinsic motivation were able to obtain deeper cognitive processing skills and performed better academically. METHODOLOGY.