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Kolb’s Learning Styles are split into four general types including diverger, assimilator, converger and accommodator with two dimensions. The diverger learner is both concrete and reflectiv e. These learners search for the answers to why and how. They learn best by observing and gathering information, avoiding conflict when possible. Four characteristics of Adult learners are Diverger, Assimilator, Converger, and Accommodator. The Diverger Divergers dominant abilities lie in the areas of Concrete Experience and Reflective Observation, essentially the opposite strengths of the Converger.

It should be noted that David Kolb’s theory of adult learning implies that accurate choice of a learning style can help people understand how to approach their education. For instance, convergers can better realize their talents by doing various technical tasks (Kahn, , p. 27). The Experiential Learning Theory provides “a holistic model of the learning process and a multi-linear model of adult development” (Baker, Jensen, & Kolb, as cited in Zhou and Brown , p. 49). The theory is not linear as in traditional primary education, and has many levels of learning that fits better for adult learners.

May 15,  · Assimilation and accommodation are complementary learning processes that play a role at each stage of cognitive development. During the sensorimotor stage, for example, some information is assimilated, while some experiences must be accommodated. David A. Kolb is an American educational theorist who developed an experiential-based theory of learning. Kolb’s theory focuses on how adults transform experience into .

An Assimilator has the ability to create abstract models for explaining phenomena. Type 3- Converger (abstract, active) - This learner excels in a situation where he or she may select a single correct answer to a problem, where hypothesis testing entrenched in adult learning practices. Moreover, an adult should have full. Kolb identified four learning styles that work together with his learning cycle and further reflect each adult’s way of learning. These four learning styles are Converger, Diverger, Assimilator, and Accommodator. The following diagram shows how they integrate with the learning cycle.