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Sep 11,  · Anne represents adult and young adult science fiction and fantasy, thrillers, horror, historical, and mystery. No middle grade, chapter, or picture books. No nonfiction, scripts, or self-published works. Click to continue. Amy Stapp of Wolfson Literary. Merrilee Heifetz, 14 points. Agency: Writers House, LLC; Top Book: “The Sleeper and the Spindle” by Neil Gaiman, on the list for 4 weeks, ranked #1; Genres Represented: literary fiction, science fiction, commercial fiction, fantasy, young adult, multi-cultural, middle grade, graphic novels.

Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult Canadian Historical Fiction Behind Rebel Lines: The Incredible Story of Emma Edmonds, Civil War Spy Part of: Great Episodes (16 Books) | by Seymour Reit | Aug 1, Use these titles to introduce students to the history and important events of the civil rights movement including the March on Washington, the Montgomery bus boycott, and more. This list includes fiction, nonfiction, and biographies, and can be used both during Black History Month and throughout the year.

May 06,  · The Civil War pitted families against each other, tore friendships apart, and left , women widowed by the end of it. Civil War Love Stories centers on 14 couples who faced those odds. Whether in the classroom or at home, children need quality nonfiction and historical fiction books that illuminate our history. In this case, the Civil Rights Movement. If you’re looking for a book to read to remember Martin Luther King, Jr., pick one from this list. I am only including books about the origins of The Civil Rights Movement.

Girls are girls wherever they live—and the Sisters in Time series shows that girls are girls whenever they lived, too! This new collection brings together four historical fiction books for 8–year-old girls: Elise the Actress: Climax of the Civil War. Jul 11,  · The novel I would place next to Freshwater Road on a shelf for civil-rights fiction was nominally written for young adults: The Watsons Go to Birmingham— by .