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Synonyms for caddied in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for caddied. 2 synonyms for caddie: golf caddie, caddy. What are synonyms for caddied? Some caddis fly species are tolerant of slight pollution. We particularly needed to gather together this group of experts to be sure than any adult caddis found were indeed Land Caddis. The .

Way back when, caddice men used to display these wares by pinning them on their coats-much the same way adult caddisflies perch on clothing and other vertical surfaces. Even though they are by nature aquatic, caddisflies are close relatives of the Lepidopterans, or scaly wings–the critters most people refer to as butterflies and moths. Unless the victim is an infant or an adult person incapacitated by drink, disease, or drugs, or unless there are several assailants murder is difficult to accomplish. Distinction between murder.

Caddisfly - Caddisfly - Evolution and paleontology: The caddisflies were long classified in the order Neuroptera. However, the two groups are now thought to represent different evolutionary lines. Ancestral Mecoptera (scorpionflies) probably gave rise to the Neuroptera (lacewings), Trichoptera (caddisflies), and Lepidoptera (moths, butterflies). caddis also caddice, larva of the English May-fly, used for bait, s, of unknown origin, perhaps a diminutive of some sense of used of the adult .

Caddis definition, a kind of woolen braid, ribbon, or tape. See more. Caddice is an unusual first name for males. Caddice is an equally unusual surname for all people. ( U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS) Caddice has not been ranked in the Top thus far. ( U.S. SSA RECORDS) Similar Names.